FAsTEST is the fatty acids analysis
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FAsTEST (Fatty Acid TEST) is an innovative technique developed for the analysis of the fatty acid “status” in the body, which is applicable to strategies aimed at the prevention and treatment of major pathological states.

The assessment of the profiles of blood fatty acids is performed on a small blood drop
The collection of the sample takes place on a strip made of a special laboratory material, that has been treated in order to prevent oxidative degradation of the sample even at room temperature, thus allowing easy storage, shipment and processing of the samples.
A proper Fatty Acid level facilitates to reach our best health and performance status.

A deficiency or an excess of certain Fatty Acids in the body contribute to the onset of major chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis, neurological diseases and tumors.
Dietary fats (quantity and especially quality of FA) are the major components of the diet responsible of the health status more than carbohydrates and proteins. The results of FAsTEST analysis shows markers of the nutritional status, and therefore of the quality of the diet and of the health status. FAsTEST measure fatty acids levels and allow defining any eventual diet integrator or changes.

Fatty Acids
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